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Uniquely Generic Reviews is…

Ross Barnie

I am a student studying Computer Science and a lover of games. From my early experiences of the Command and Conquer series, Wolfenstein 3D and Dune 2, to the modern day behemoths of video gaming like Call of Duty, Half-life 2 and Minecraft, I have an extensive background in video games played, loved, and hated.

Gaming-wise I play mostly on PC though I have had a Sega Megadrive II, Playstation, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3 and have also owned portable gaming platforms such as the Gameboy Colour and Playstation Portable.

When I’m not killing nazis, aliens, or anything that looks at me funny on games I’m either kayaking, which you can read about on my other blog at (shameless plug) http://barniekayaking.doodlekit.com, or surfing the web for new and exciting news in the world of gaming and technology.

Nick “Periapsis” Cunningham

I like to think of myself as the “ideas guy”. It may be untrue sometimes but that’s just a matter of perspective I guess. Outside of playing games I have a few interests; playing the guitar, writing scripts to animated series that I’ll never get round to making, writing songs and being a mechanical engineer. If you want to make me feel embarrassed you could always go check out my attempts at animations from when I was 14…on second thoughts don’t bother. I’ll be reviewing as much as my busy schedule allows, if you’re wondering what makes me so busy go ahead and visit the site, “www.stopbeinganosynelly.com“, otherwise hope you enjoy the site!

Elspeth Gordon-Smith

What ho! Yes, I am stereotypically English and as such I am terribly awful at clever backhanded criticism, except of Ridley Scott. I love films (so much so I’m spending an incredible amount of money studying them at Glasgow University) and will find merit in the worst of the worst; needless to say, I’ve been beaten up a fair few times standing up for Saw VII (it’s got cool music, okay? Well, maybe not, but it allows you to release your inner sociopath without having to set a court date). I wouldn’t say I have a favourite type of film, so you can expect a wide variety of genres from this blog (probably not Silent German Soviet Era Surrealism though, because we can all be agreed that enough has been said about that goldmine of popular culture! Yeah, I have few friends.)

When I’m not watching films, I can be found proscrastining through new and interesting methods – Kayak Polo is one of these such methods. Also, planning Ridley Scott’s sudden and violent ‘retirement’ from Hollywood, because seriously, screw that guy.

Steven McGinty

If you’re looking for an eloquent, articulate and insightful look at video games and the world, then I apologise in advance and will try my best!

From the Atari and SNES to the 360 and PS3, I have been a console gamer the greater part of my life and play a massive range of games for them. I also have an iTouch and Android phone out and about with me to get the most from the gaming experience I can get on the go. A few of my all time favourites include the Legend of Zelda series, Metal Gear Solid and, my one true love, Halo. If you’re ever about, you’ll easily find me on Xbox Live playing Reach for at least the next few years. My committment level to gaming has always been high and I revel in discussing and reviewing points about games and much more.

I am also a music enthusiast and equally love to play and listen to many genres. The moment I hear a new album is coming out for a band I follow, something posesses me and I cannot wait to get my hands on it to hear all it has to offer! When money permits I will also be seen at whatever gigs I can muster the tickets for.

I fit the stereotypical geek quota: I study Physics and Astronomy, work in an electronics store, spend copious amounts of time browsing the internet and, outside of destroying aliens and saving princesses, I code for programs and websites. If you can’t find me in any of the aforementioned places then I am most likely fast asleep!

Paul Walker

Hello all, I manage to fill the middle ground here with being an extremist at each end! I study Physics and Astrophysics and I love my games, films and television series. I work part-time in an Italian fashion shop and kayak at every opportunity I get, both down rivers and in swimming pools.

I like all kinds of games, from Halo and Call of Duty to Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers Brawl to Dawn of War and the Age of Empires. The only format of game I dislike are MMORPG’s, so none of you World of Warcraft or Star Trek: Online fans out there will like anything I’m likely to say about them.

As far as TV series’ go, I like the ones with overarching stories, as well as those which are highly bottled in their story telling. As I’m a geek, at some point I’ll end up discussing the traditional Sci-Fi series, along with anything else that I decide seems worthy of my attention (for either good or bad reasons).

Film-wise, I love Spielberg, and am ground in the main stream far more than with the other categories of reviewable items up here, but I appreciate good story telling, acting and atmosphere. If the film gets those right, it’ll get a good review from me; vice-versa if not.

Hopefully I’ve managed not to scare you off with my somewhat convoluted writing style and you’ll find my reviews perceptive and interesting… or at the very least decent procrastination!